NOVAMEAT develops cutting-edge technological solutions to feed the planet’s growing population with the next generation of plant-based foods in order to overcome the challenges of today’s unsustainable and inefficient animal agriculture industry and create a healthy, efficient, humane and sustainable food supply system.

NOVAMEAT was recently featured on Financial Times, Forbes, Bloomberg, World Economic Forum, Guardian, CBS, CNN, BBC, Techcrunch, Business Insider, Mashable, Seeker, Newsweek, etc.

In 2020, the Financial Times featured NOVAMEAT on the front page of Companies & Markets section, the Guardian named NOVAMEAT Steak 2.0 as the "most realistic plant-based steak" globally, and included NOVAMEAT on the cover of its "Food in 2050" prediction article. In 2019, NOVAMEAT's CEO and Founder Giuseppe Scionti was named one of the "Nine Innovators to Watch in 2019" by the Smithsonian Magazine, and NOVAMEAT was selected by NewsWeek International as one of the Moonshots of the year. Also, Peter Diamandis featured NOVAMEAT among the "5 Big Breakthroughs to Anticipate in 3D Printing".

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Meat fish analogs
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