Nourish Ingredients

Nourish Ingredients is a food technology company leading the movement to revolutionise how alternative protein products are made.

We create tailored, animal-free fats and oils that make plant-based meat, fish and dairy alternatives even better – tastier and more sustainable.

Because our unique fermentation process is not locked by biology, there are literally endless possibilities for the ways our fats and oils can be used by companies creating alternative meat, poultry, seafood and dairy products. And the highly customizable flavour profiles of our fats and oils mean they are as tasty (or even tastier!) than the real thing.

Nourish Ingredients are also more sustainable – with our technology, the fast-growing alternative protein market no longer needs to rely on unsustainable sources like palm oil and coconut oil.

At Nourish, we’re innovators and we’re here to help spur the next era of alternative protein food production.

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Meat fish analogs
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