Nourish Ingredients

Producing animal-free fats.

Nourish Ingredients create fats for the next generation of delicious alternative proteins, so they cook, smell, and taste just like the real thing, animal-free. We believe that taste is the most critical challenge for the alternative protein sector, and alt-protein foods must win the hearts and taste-buds of even the most devout lovers of meat and dairy for the sector to truly tap into the mainstream.

Unlike plant-based fats, Nourish fats behave in the exact same way as animal fats, making alternative proteins cook, smell, and taste as delicious as the real thing, but animal free. Imagine the texture of a juicy roast chicken or the aroma of a succulent beef burger but from plant-based meat. Nourish fats have the power to make a transformative impact on alternative proteins.

We’ve zeroed in on the differences between plant and animal-based foods to identify the fats and oils missing in the alternative protein space. Our proprietary precision fermentation strains can manufacture these potent fat molecules, leaving animals entirely out of the process.

Foods made with our fats are more than an alternative, they’re a straight-up improvement.

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