Norwegian Mycelium (NoMy)

Norwegian Mycelium (NoMy) is producing next-gen food and products.

For us at NoMy, the future is fungal. New meat alternatives, new bio-composites, and new protein sources - all from mycelium (the root-like filaments of fungi). Locally produced, with no agricultural land, no chemicals, and at a fraction of the ecological footprint. Good for people, good for the planet.

Next-gen foods: Today’s agriculture accounts for some ⅓ of the greenhouse gas emissions globally. We simply need better ways to produce healthy foods at scale while staying within critical planetary boundaries. That's why we are focusing on creating innovative, next-generation foods and feeds from the untapped potential of mycelium - the thread-like biomass of fungi. By working with nature, our solutions eliminate the false choice between people and the planet. We offer our partners and customers the opportunity to address global sustainability challenges around climate, pollution, and resource management with our mycelium-based ingredients.

Next-gen products: In an inspiring partnership with Snøhetta, we have created a novel, bio-based soundproofing. Grown from nothing more than a Norwegian forest fungus and biomass waste, we are forging the future of sustainable building through next-generation materials science. Circular. Regenerative. 


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