Natura e Bontà

Natura & Bontà is an artisanal family business based in Ravenna, Italy. We produce a range of organic vegan foods. From the very beginning, the choice to use only organic ingredients has become our way of life. Our guiding principle is coming back to nature, listening to it, respect its energy and vitality, bringing it back to human awareness. During the processing of the raw materials we do not add chemical additives, dyes and synthetic aromas, which would otherwise alter the true flavor of the ingredients. This is why Natura & Bontà products are so good, because they have a taste in which it is possible to recognize each one of the ingredients that has been used. We are aware that people’s sensitivity towards respecting animals and the environment is growing day by day. This is why we want that our values and the costumer ones match in the products we create. Our attention is first of all directed to those who, like us, have made their values a lifestyle choice and that is why we do our best to constantly enrich our range of products, also by listening to the feedback we receive from our customers. The Company’s goal is to be able to offer high quality products, 100% organic and vegan, which meet the needs of any individual, while maintaining the taste and goodness of the products of Italian peasant cuisine.

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