With Nancy’s Probiotic Foods, you can taste the difference. Maybe it’s the full flavor of a healthy, cultured yogurt or cottage cheese teeming with billions of live probiotics. Or it could be that we use fresh, local milk sources, free of artificial growth hormones, with organic and Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients.

Whatever the reason, for 60 years, the family owned Nancy’s Probiotic Foods has been committed to producing genuinely healthy food. In fact, Nancy’s is considered to be a “Probiotic Pioneer”, offering the first yogurt in the US with live probiotics, back in 1970. Now with over 70 products, and three generations on board, we remain true to the mission of providing healthy food to our community. Of course with 60 years, there are bound to be some good stories along the way, (check out the Grateful Dead "Sunshine Daydream" concert to learn about the day a rock band saved a yogurt company).

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