Mycorena develops fungi technology to provide next-generation alt-protein ingredients.

Mycorena AB is a biotechnology company founded in 2017 based in Gothenburg. At Mycorena we have developed Promyc - a sustainable food ingredient for food producers to create new types of vegan products.

Since its founding in 2017, Mycorena has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the food industry and is recognised as one of the leading Foodtech start-ups in Europe. On a mission to change the entire food industry, Mycorena develops innovative fungi technology to provide next-generation food ingredients. The flagship product Promyc is a proprietary mycoprotein ingredient with unparalleled qualities. The superior qualities of Promyc in terms of taste and texture compared to plant-based proteins make it a serious contender in the alternative protein segment. 

We envision being the world’s leading brand for fungi-based technology. What originated as a research project has grown into a unique endeavour to challenge the current norms of the food system. We have scaled from a small lab to Scandinavia's largest demo production facility for mycoprotein and are en route to expand further. In 2023 we will finalise the construction of our first full-scale commercial Promyc Production Plant, which will be one of a kind but the first of many.

In 2022, Mycorena partnered with Revo Foods to further R&D a previously developed and adapted mycoprotein for Revo's 3D printed plant-based seafood line. 

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