MyForest Foods

MyForest is creating mycelium-based meatless foods! 

When it comes to solving our world’s biggest problems, the answers can often be found in nature. The forest is a great place to begin. A lot goes on—between the dirt and the squirrels, and the mosses and the trees—but, what interests us most is what’s happening just beneath the forest floor, where lies a hidden, entangled root system of fungi called mycelium.

We’ve studied and become inspired by mycelium. We’ve learned there’s a lot you can do with it—from textiles to building materials to packaging alternatives, even to food! Really tasty food. Guided by the wisdom of the woods, MyForest Foods is harvesting this new approach to meatless food—one that can sustain AND satisfy all types of eaters. Our mycelium is grown—not ground, so it actually feels like you’re biting into a whole cut of meat.

Our flagship product, MyBacon is the first of many plant-based, clean-label, mycelium-grown eats we have planned.

Mycelium—MyBacon’s star ingredient—is a complete protein with a naturally high nutritional profile, and it’s what gives MyBacon its amazing texture. Our chefs brine each strip using a special recipe with minimal ingredients: flaked salt, cane sugar, natural flavors and beet juice for color. Add a little coconut oil for the perfect sizzle, and you’re looking at a seriously meat-like bacon alternative, so reminiscent of the traditional bacon-y flavors and textures you love.

Now that we’ve figured out how to create a sustainable supply of eats, it’s our aim to pass the plate around the planet, honoring mycelium’s potential to feed the future, one delicious bite at a time.

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