MOGU S.r.l.

Producing mycelium-based products for a circular economy.

Mogu is an innovation-driven design company changing the way things are traditionally made. We do this by partnering with our surrounding life-systems. Lead by the principles of Circular Economy and by the certainty that Nature’s intelligence can help us to radically disrupt the design of everyday products, mogu develops mycelium technologies and commercialises innovative products and groundbreaking solutions for everyday use in interiors and architecture.

Rooted in growth and cultivation and guided by a strong product-driven approach, Mogu products are the result of continuous and iterative R&D on mycelium technology, allowing us to deliver responsible and renewable solutions, without compromising performance. Mogu is part of the SQIM technology holding which has the aim of further widening along time the multiple opportunities emerging from R&D activities, and therefore expanding on the true potential of mycelium-based technologies in concretely impacting additional fields and markets, thereby creating a real positive impact in people’s life.

Mogu offers today the first commercial mycelium-based products on the market, suitable for interior design applications.

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