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Founded in 2017, Microbloom Tech is a biotechnology company focused on “Algae” to create novel processes for the cost advantaged production of speciality bio-based materials from renewable feedstocks, as well as develop solutions and products to mitigate climate change.

Our products and services cater to food and beverages, feed, cosmetics, and agriculture industries by providing bio-based ingredients. We also have solutions for carbon sequestration and Wastewater Bioremediation for polluting industries. We have several ongoing technologies with different maturity levels, from early idea to pilot. By working closely with partners, we are able to develop sustainable innovations that meet market needs.

Our motto, is to adhere to the principles of circular economy and bioeconomy and respect the nature. With our research and development work, specific production know-how and access to attractive markets in Europe and Asia, we are capable to pursue new business models for profitability and social impact.

We are headquartered in Bhubaneswar, India and an European office in Stuttgart, Germany.

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