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Meatless is producing vegetable textured products which can be used in a large variety of processed food products. Meatless products are used as a raw material or ingredient in the production of vegetarian and vegan food, but also as a substitute for fat or meat in processed meat products to improve health and sustainability performances. Meatless is the innovative trendsetter in the development of hybrid products. Recently, hypo-allergenic versions were added to the product range and Meatless is one of few products in this field with full environmental performance reports and clean label policy. Meatless is made of pure natural wholefood raw materials and contains no artificial binders, preservatives, colouring agents or flavour enhancers. Meatless products are made to work, they are ready for use on your existing highspeed production lines, they have an excellent heat stability. and we operate in a realistic and viable cost price range. Today, Meatless has a leading position in modern food developments like reformulation and "health by stealth"​ and expands its activities worldwide by providing highly successful, high-quality solutions for the food industry. From 2010 Meatless realized an annual growth of >20% on average. New applications are developed like the use in processed cheese, fish products and as a substitute for specific proteins. In 2017 Meatless invested in an additional production line which doubled output capacity. Further rapid growth of production volume is expected in 2018.

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