Steakholder Foods

We combine cutting-edge cellular agriculture with 3D bioprinting technology.

Beginning activities in 2019 and standing proudly at the forefront of the global alternative protein food-tech industry, Israel’s Steakholder Foods (Formerly MeaTech) is the country’s only publicly traded cellular meat company and is listed on the NASDAQ and Tel Aviv stock exchange.

Doing Good for the Planet:

Steakholder Foods develops cleaner farming and is innovating the future of, high-quality, industrial-scale cultivated meats, without harming animals or the environment.

Our Mission:

To deliver a complete turn-key B2B biotechnology process that enables our clients to independently bioprint slaughter-free, cell-based, structured meat products such as steaks and other prime cuts.

Our Vision:

A future where structured meat products can be made in dedicated cellular agriculture facilities and high-throughput 3D bioprinters manufacture a broad range of healthy, tasty, environmentally and ethically sound premium value-added meat products.

A Stand-Out 2020:

In July 2020, we reached a new milestone, announcing our tested success in growing high-density stem cells through the use of media.
In the same month, we announced that we had raised NIS 20 million (nearly $6 million) from investors, including one of Israel’s largest supermarket chains, Rami Levy.
In addition, we recently signed our first-ever commercial deal with Israeli meat importer Adom, enabling us to market our products internationally.
With the help of the world’s leading bioengineering experts at our disposal, and in an effort to expand globally, our company reached a significant milestone by becoming the first cell-based meat company to be listed on the NASDAQ.

Join the Revolution
Value-added food processors and retailers that wish to introduce clean meat manufacturing capabilities of their own, feel free to contact us for more information on our next-generation meat-substitute technology solutions.

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