Meat.The End

Imagine healthier plant-based meat alternatives that offer the texture, flavour, and appearance of animal proteins.

What we do
Using innovations in enzymatic processing, we develop new protein texturizing technologies that create healthier plant-based products that mimic the texture of animal proteins.

The problem
The texture of plant-based protein products still poses a barrier to convincing consumers to adopt alternatives to meat.
But current approaches to creating plant-based meat substitutes are falling short in building a protein structure that mirrors a meaty texture experience.

The solution
We help plant-based protein producers satisfy consumers’ desire for meaty texture and appearance. By improving texture, our techniques enhance the eating experience as well as the nutritional profile of plant-based products. The result: a more convincing, satisfying, and healthy alternative to replace animal-based foods.

Primary focus
Business model
Protein category
Meat fish analogs
End product application

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