May Wah with Lily's Vegan Pantry

We celebrate the end of an era but the beginning of a new journey. We are pleased to announce the relaunch of our company as Lily's Vegan Pantry. It is scheduled to take place officially on Monday, March 16th, 2020. On that date, our company will begin conducting its business as Lily's Vegan Pantry.

May Wah Vegetarian Market is a family owned and operated business located in the heart of Chinatown, New York City. Our goal is the same as it was over two and a half decades ago: to offer healthy, delicious, and enjoyable vegan alternatives. Lee Mee, our President, pioneered her way through the start of the vegetarian market industry. Due to the launch of a new industry, consumers were not as understanding. However, in the middle of every difficulty lies an opportunity. We believed in our goal and overcame the challenges. May Wah slowly became a household name in the vegetarian industry.

As a result of combined continued efforts, we have experienced growth over the past several years. This has been in no small way also directly related to the success our clients have had in their business. We would like to take this opportunity to thank clients for the part they've played to let us uphold our performance standards and commitment to excellence. After 25 years, we say goodbye, but welcome a new beginning.

We are relaunching our company under a new name which we are hoping to bring new products and services to our clients. Our mission is to promote healthy well-being and happiness through our diverse offering of products, and we are committed to raising awareness about the physical and environmental benefits of consuming a cruelty-free diet.

Over 25 years later, we continue to be a pioneer in seeking out the very best meat alternatives for our customers, and this remains at the core of our commitment today: no meat, no egg-scuses.

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