Ma Vie Sans Gluten

A hot baguette out of the oven, a good pasta dish cooked with love, ice cream to withstand the first heat, a piece of cake for a birthday ...

To deprive themselves of small gourmet pleasures, such is too often the daily life of people forced to follow a gluten-free diet for health problems.
Ma Vie Sans Gluten is committed by putting a stop to prMa Vie Sans Gluten is committed by putting an end to prejudices, a cool diet, to refocus on the real life of people with constraints. And finally offer them the pleasure of feeling heard, advised, understood.

My gluten-free life frees your desires by offering you its new recipe: a true and unfiltered accompaniment for all the moments of your life!

And for good reason… With Ma Vie Sans Gluten, you will always find something to eat, organize a family picnic or eat on the go at work, without ever risking the disbelief of the people who share your meal. Through our range of gourmet products, we are committed to creating more serene living conditions for you, and to giving you back the pleasure of cooking and the freedom to eat well and well every day, without complex and without nutritional compromise!

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