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With functional raw materials from wheat, Loryma supports the international food industry to react to the rapid growth of the global population and the change in nutritional habits. In addition, with textured wheat proteins, Loryma offers valuable solutions for vegetarian and vegan meat and fish alternatives. The addition of wheat proteins increases food's protein content and supports the protein content of a diet with purely vegetable-based proteins.

Our vision is to provide the people of our world with sufficient quantities of balanced, affordable food. This motivates us anew every day.


Loryma is one of the leading manufacturers of wheat-based food ingredients for the food industry and the food specialist within the Crespel & Deiters Group. For about 40 years, Loryma has been a pioneering partner for international food companies. With its high-quality wheat proteins, wheat starches and functional blends, Loryma optimises the stability, texture and taste of meat products, fish products, vegetarian and vegan products, baked goods, convenience products and confectionery.

Loryma. Take food further.
More on our company: https://www.loryma.de/
A company of the Crespel & Deiters Group: https://crespeldeitersgroup.com/

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