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Living Jin was started in 2016 by a South Korean woman, Jina Kim. Our main product is agar-agar powder, a vegan substitute for gelatin. As a plant-based, gluten-free, and starch-free thickener, it allows you to make food to fit your diet.

We at Living Jin are committed to helping people enjoy food they like. The toughest challenge in following a specific diet is giving up certain foods. With agar-agar, you don’t have to. All you need is creativity.

To empower our customers, we created a global recipe community, Nooria. Here, you can find creative agar-agar recipes from all around the world. You’ll learn how to tweak traditional recipes to suit your diet or even discover new recipes to try.

We also host recipe contests every month to update the Nooria Recipe Library. If you don’t find recipes you want, let us know. We will design our contests to get those recipes for you. Submit your own recipes for a chance to win. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter and follow us on Instagram for new recipe ideas.

We grow with our customers. We decided to create Nooria, host recipe contests, and publish free cookbooks because our customers asked for recipes. Every decision we make is for you and with you. Engage with us!

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