After being diagnosed with advanced-stage ovarian cancer, Liz rebuilt her diet around nourishing, high-fat foods and, in the process, discovered the Pili nut — a little-known nut with a rich, buttery taste that contains a higher concentration of vitamin E and magnesium than any other nut. She began blending Pili nuts with coconut milk and was blown away by the superior texture and flavor, which would eventually become Lavva.

For years, the team worked hard to perfect the recipe, avoiding industry shortcuts like gums, coloring agents, artificial flavors and added sugar. Instead, they carved their own path and added young plantains to enhance sweetness and texture, while providing a boost of natural prebiotics, a special form of dietary fiber that acts as food for probiotics. The result is one of the most nutritious plant-based yogurts on grocery shelves today, with more than 50 billion live, vegan probiotics to support gut health. Lavva can be found in natural and conventional grocers nationwide.

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