La Ferme Biologique

Our animals are grazed from spring to autumn and in addition they are fed with crops of legumes such as peas and beans mixed with oats or spelled. No antibiotics, no growth hormones, no stress. In addition, our animals are cared for by homeopathy. Animal health = human health. We started to sell our products on the farm and in the markets and as we grew and developed our activities, first with a small artisanal dairy and then with a traditional butcher and charcuterie laboratory. Very early on we became aware of the exponential progression of the allergic phenomenon which affects one in three people. Today we claim to manufacture healthy organic products, most without gluten and recognized allergens and from animals fed without GMOs in accordance with the regulations on organic production . Today we have 2 sites: one located in Creutzwald in Lorraine, intended for marketing and administration and the other located in St. Wendel Osterbrücken, intended for breeding and manufacturing.

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Meat fish analogs
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