We upvalue food processing spent materials and develop bioscaffolds for 3D cell culture.

Anchored by a triple technological platform of sustainable & halal certifiable phytochemical extraction, Plant Protein Composite (PPC) bioink formulation and customizable 3D bioscaffold printing; KosmodeHealth enables nutraceutical companies in their product development with the extraction, development and supply of phytochemical ingredients; and 3D bioprinting/regenerative/tissue engineering/3D cell culture companies with customizable 3D PPC Bioink & PPC Bioscaffold.

Trust and integrity are non-negotiable values and the firm foundation in which KosmodeHealth’s brand promise of confidence and reliability is built on.

Find out more at https://www.kosmodehealth.com/

Contact us at info@kosmodehealth.com ☺️

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