Klein’s Ice Cream

Klein’s, a name synonymous for the fine kosher ice cream and frozen fun across the continent, is a family owned business for more than six decades. Our rich history is a woven tapestry of decades of family dedication and commitment to preserve & please the kosher consumer.

In 1955, the crown of the Klein family, Rabbi Efraim Klein, began Klein’s Ice Cream in the humble accomodations of his tiny home and with a single truck that barely ran. Rabbi Efraim, despite his horrific years enduring the Holocaust and losing his entire family, was determined to succeed and rebuild from scratch. A man of rock solid faith and keen foresight, his vision of establishing the first kosher Chalav Yisoroel ice cream company began blossoming to fruition.

With Mr. Klein’s dream alive, our strong family business is in its third generation, passed down from father to son to grandchilren. Klein’s is not merely a business, it’s a family owned company where an entire family devotedly puts heart and sould into every aspect of the business and ensures that Klein’s tradition remains a family success. We are the FIRST FAMILY OF FINE KOSHER ICE CREAM and rightfully so; united, committed and loyal to our father’s vision to make kosher ice cream a priority.

Klein’s was the first company to produce kosher ice cream and at Klein’s no money or time is spared when it comes to ensuring that every one of our items is 100% kosher ceritfied. Under the professional leadership of the world famous CRC organization and Rabbi Eckstien, a dynamic kashrus expert, our standards remain a top priority in which we take much pride in.

In the last decade millions of Americans are concerned about food safety issues and about the standards of commercial food. That is why the market for kosher food has gone through tremendous growth. A kosher food item is produced with careful supervision and each ingredient is scrutinized for quality and safety purposes.

Why Chalav Yisroel ice cream? What is its uniqueness that millions are seeking worldwide? It begins with secluding cows destined to produce milk for kosher ice cream. A kashrus supervisor tends to these cows all throughout the entire process of milking the cows to the packaging of the milk. This ensures that only healthy cows are used and that premiummilk caters solely for our productions. Klein’s ice cream carries an underlying message, that its ingredients are cautiously analyzed and carefully selected. Our consumers are fully confident with the knowledge that every one of our hundreds of items is a guaranteed, certified kosher premium product.

A much sought after product is our fabulous unique VEGAN approved Smooth & Creamy ice cream that has changed the way ice cream tastes. Our selection of mouth watering non dairy flavors have turned our Smooth & Creamy items into one of our number one seller. Designed for vegetarians and for the lactose intolerant population, its indeed a pride and joy.

We are confident you will be impressed with the vast selection of items, from classic traditions to trendy creations. Our pristine reputation for producing the best tasting frozen desserts crystallizes itself in the heart of every product. From premium sorbets to rich dairy ice cream, Smooth & Creamy to frozen fun, famous novelties to elegant desserts, Klein’s has epitomized fine ice cream for nearly a century. We appreciate your busiiness and value your trust in us. At Klein’s, w look forward to adding you to our fine list of clients, and if you are our client already, we thank you for your continuous patronage.

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