Kiverdi, Inc.

Kiverdi is working to solve global issues with technology that transforms carbon to address a range of challenges from the ocean’s plastic problem and sustainable agriculture.

Kiverdi’s NASA-inspired technologies convert carbon dioxide into people and planet-friendly bio-based products. The company’s proprietary commercial solutions are being implemented by some of the leading manufacturers to remake supply chains and power a new era of sustainable production — all while tackling some of our most pressing global challenges.

The solutions include:

Reverse Plastics ™ – transforming discarded plastics into biodegradable goods

Revive Soil ™ – increasing crop yield with CO2-made soil nutrients

CO2 Aquafeed ™ – feeding fish with food made from CO2

Custom Cycle ™ – leveraging circular economy technology to create closed loop supply chains

Kiverdi’s technology and leadership has been recognized for its innovation by Fast Company, US Department of Energy and the United Nations. The technology has been profiled on the TED stage and award-winning documentary series, NOVA on PBS.

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