We create fermented products based on mycelium that grows on legumes and grains.

Kinoko Mushrooms, with its roots in Mushroom Farming and Mushroom Research produces some of the most well-balanced and natural functional food and nutrition supplement products designed to enhance overall health.
The founders, Dr. Sergey Lipshitz, trained and practiced in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ruben Rafaeli, an expert in Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology have joined forces based on their passion for mushrooms and directed all their efforts on perpetuating all the natural benefits of mushrooms.
The company was founded to raise awareness and provide people with the opportunity to enjoy rare flavors while benefiting from the many health advantages that high-quality, organically grown mushrooms provide. Kinoko Mushrooms, LLC hopes to achieve a lasting positive impact and contribution to everyone’s life. To that end, we encourage everyone to try our products for yourselves and experience newfound energy and improved overall health.

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