Jack i. O – Veghahn

You already know that I am made from jackfruit chicken meat substitute and contain no soy, gluten or palm fat. But that I absolutely do not taste artichoke “sour” like so many other Jacky's, you can only find out by tasting it yourself ...

If you invite me into your own pan, I just like to be seared briefly in a coated pan. Then give me some frying oil and heat me up for another 7-10 minutes.

I like vegan sour cream best on top of me in all flavors.

My long-term goal is to deliver restaurants that match our focus and are the only ones given the opportunity to preserve the Veghahn “nature” in order to create their own spice composition (according to the specification, e.g. Indian, Italian, etc.).

Then the Veghahn will be stuck on the door as a recognizable small sticker so that everyone will know immediately whether I am “visiting” here.

Primary focus
Business model
Protein category
Meat fish analogs
End product application

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