J-Tec Material Handling

Once the process is defined an entire production line needs to be designed and delivered. Here J-Tec is offering it´s expertise for turn key installations from the raw material up to finish products we supply complete production lines with the integration of the relevant processing equipment. Our roots coming from material handling and we take care of all raw, intermediate and finished products with regards to handling, storage, formulation and mixing. Any other process steps like drying, heat treatment, grinding, sorting etc. will be integrated from our network of suppliers if required. We are not bound to any process or equipment supplier. Our advantage is that we can select the best and most cost effective solution based on the requirement.

Being involved already in the CAPEX and early design phase, we provide clever concepts and solution. By this we safeguard budgeting and execution. You can be assured that we take responsibility of what we offer and take away the burden of coordinating the interfaces between the different suppliers.

You have the vision, we make it happen!

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