At iwi® (“ee-wee”), our purpose is: “together we create sustainable food solutions for everyone and our planet.” We are an experienced team of farmers, scientists and food industry leaders working hard to bring plant-based products to consumers around the world. Our secret ingredient is algae, which is packed with nutrients like omega-3s and protein, and uses resources that otherwise would not be utilized – like non-fertile land and salt water – to grow. Most people don’t realize that algae is the original source of omega-3s, the essential fatty acids critical for human health and wellbeing. Our algae requires no fresh water to grow, and is about 300 times more productive than peas in terms of production of essential amino acids. Our omega-3 supplements are available nationwide at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Vitamin Shoppe, Amazon and other fine retailers. They are vegan, non-GMO and 100% sustainable. (Clinical studies confirm that humans can absorb more omega-3s from iwi than from fish or krill oil.) We are also developing new plant-based protein products, such as functional foods, snacks and supplements. At iwi, we are committed to the rural communities around our Texas and New Mexico farms, creating jobs both directly and indirectly, and leading a movement that we call Social Sustainability. Join the tribe!

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