Hochland SE

ochland – a family-owned cheese manufacturer since 1927
Cheese has been our passion for over 90 years. Since our family business was founded, we have been committed to the production, processing, and sale of delicious cheese products for customers in over 30 countries. But Hochland cheese isn’t just found at supermarkets—we are also a strong partner in the food and gastronomy industries, with cheese production facilities in Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Romania, Russia, and the USA.

We are family—successful and adaptive
We have strong regional ties and consistently high quality, but what else makes us stand out? Change, growth, and future viability! We are a family business, but not family run. We utilize our financial independence and the freedom it offers by boldly breaking new paths and reaching new heights with an appetite for risk—but never without a safety net.

Hochland cares—and not only about its Hochlanders
New employees feel in good hands at Hochland from their first day on because they understand immediately that they can be themselves. After all, the people and all of their unique facets make Hochland what it is today and what it will be tomorrow. And everyone at Hochland treats their fellow colleagues with respect, resulting in many of our employees staying with us for a long time. We have also established an environment of trust among employees, managers, customers, and the company itself.

There are many good reasons to start a career at Hochland
Whatever and wherever your role in our team may be, we will welcome you into the Hochland family with open arms. All you have to do is share our passion for the fascinating world of cheese. #

Join the Hochland team and experience a caring atmosphere—become a Hochlander!

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