Founded in ’12, Hi-Food is an Italian developer and producer of innovative plant-based, natural and clean label functional food ingredients for conventional and disruptive food industry (conventional bakery, gluten free, gastronomy, sauces, fillings, dessert, ice cream, beverage, new plant-based foods).

Grown inside the University of Parma, Hi-Food has been implementing a strong R&D approach to create natural functional ingredients always without allergens, chemicals and totally animal-free, with outstanding functionalities and the best possible ration dosage/cost in use/benefits.

Mission: develop, produce and supply plant-based-clean label and high technological ingredients for the food industry.

Vision: create new ingredients by addressing today's consumer demands of Free-From, Natural, Sustainable, Clean Label Allergen free, Plant-Based, Animal free.

Well positioned to play a key role in the growing plant-based alternative market, the company provides dairy and gastronomy alternative manufacturers with natural building blocks to improve their products and their labels and a wide range of innovative clean label food ingredients.

Hi-Food is mentioned as one of the ingredients companies of the New Protein Landscape producing clean label natural plant-based food ingredients and contributing to the shaping of the future of food:
-Building alternatives to animal-based proteins has been a key trend for the last few years. Within this frame, Hi-Food has been developing new functional building blocks, fiber-based, as well as functional concentrated/isolated plant proteins.
-Well designed ingredients from natural sources with high technological effect that can significantly contribute to the development of new finished products, clean and innovative.

Aware of the fast-changing markets and technologies we are constantly striving to adapt, improve and ready to face new nature-driven challenges.

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