Hemp Oil Canada

Hemp Oil Canada is the industry leader in creating new hemp products to meet customers'​ growing needs for healthy ingredient alternatives and superfoods such as Hemp Seeds, Hemp Protein, and Hemp Oil.

Our Story
Our story began in 1998 – the same year that industrial hemp was legalized in Canada. In the years since, we have been building the hemp ingredient industry, along with the demand for hemp foods. The growing demand has led to expansion and the need to build our state-of-the-art production facility in 2015.

Our Integrated Supply Chain
We control quality every step of the way - from seed to our final customer. When it comes to Organic and Non-GMO hemp ingredient offerings, our integrated supply chain benefits everything we do; it adds further controls to our product quality, food safety, and our availability of a consistent supply.

Our Services
We export globally and commit to supporting our customers through every step of the fulfillment process –making us a true single-source supplier for quality hemp food ingredients.

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