HealthyProteins BV

We are a business to business healthy proteins supplier for processing into the infant, sports, growing up, pregnancy and elderly protein formula products. Our focus is, particularly on (organic) plant-based proteins. Besides we supply our ingredients to a growing number of producers of dairy and meat alternative products producers.

HealthyProteins fulfils a position in this rapidly expanding market as a B2B ingredient supplying partner of primarily milled or spray/roller dried proteins and of flour from (organic) plant-based sources such as almond, fava beans, buckwheat, peas, chia, canola, hemp, coco etc.

HealthyProteins BV supplies organic/whole/humane/natural plant-based proteins. We are a dedicated supplier for this sector. The trend is no doubt that plant-based protein applied in high-end consumer brands is becoming mainstream. We are well connected in the supply chain for the above ingredients. We know that processors like yourself are giving the highest priority to securing high-quality ingredients for your brands.
The run on the shelves in supermarkets is phenomenal and the production capacity (machine lines/operators) & structural availability of ingredients are becoming an increasing challenge you might be interested in broadening your supplier base. Never short of ideas we would look forward to speaking to you! Arnauld van Hees ( and Geannys Gonzalez ( )

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