Harmony Baby Nutrition

Harmony is introducing the first human breast milk-based infant formula to the market. Using biotechnology, Harmony produces breast milk components to bring a nutrition solution that is more natural for babies than cow’s milk formula. Hypoallergenic, non-GMO, and environmentally friendly, Harmony delivers the peace of mind parents need and the human nutrition babies deserve.

Through precision fermentation technology, Harmony is producing human breast milk components to eliminate the need for cow’s milk in formula. 95% of infant formula is based on cow’s milk, causing adverse and allergic reactions in 1 out of 6 babies. For these babies, the current hypoallergenic solutions smell and taste awful, and can cause adverse reactions of their own. By using human breast milk components, Harmony smells and tastes as natural as human milk and delivers nutrition much closer to breast milk than any cow’s milk formula.

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