Green Spot Technologies

Green Spot Technologies (GST) is an innovative start-up company, in a mission to challenge the Food-Waste paradigm. Originally founded in 2016 in New Zealand by a former University of Auckland Associate Professor Dr Silas Villas-Boas and by Dr Ninna Granucci, the company relocated to France in 2018 after a successful fundraise, as the country and the EU offer the ideal circumstances for GST to grow.
Currently, GST's team consists of more than 10 people, with backgrounds ranging from microbiology, biochemistry and food science, to engineering, manufacturing, and business development.
Green Spot has now ateliers of 300m2 with a pilot facility, a formulation kitchen and a laboratory. The company collaborates closely with French, European and international research parties, substrate suppliers, analytical laboratories, and city and region public bodies.
The company has won multiple awards, both in New Zealand and in Europe, emphasizing the uniqueness of its technology and products.
GST aims to become a major industrial player in the food value chain, supplying green-labelled extraordinary ingredients to global food companies.

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