Making sustainable ingredients from CO2 for the food industry.

Green-On has developed a process that creates saturated fat from three simple ingredients—carbon dioxide, water, and electricity. It’s no exaggeration to say that we think we could save the world. Or at least help change it for the better. 

With the Green-On process, we can replicate animal or plant-based products down to the very last molecule, or create completely new compounds, all in the lab. Making everything vegan, everything cruelty-free, everything sustainable. The products will be able to replace dairy fat, palm, and coconut oil.

We use a power-to-food technology that makes it possible to supply food within the planetary boundaries since we use little or no nitrogen and phosphorous, no pesticides and antibiotics and there is no need for deforestation. The technology provides food security since there is no need for arable land, it uses low amounts of fresh water, and is not sensitive to climate changes.

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