Golfera has been producing specialties of Italian charcuterie for over 50 years and it offers products characterised by innovation and high quality.

Golfera operates in Emilia Romagna, a region which preserves a long-standing bond between food and landscape, fatherland of the most famous Italian charcuterie of the worlds. It tries to distinguish itself from the average of Italian charcuterie producer paying a big attention to uniqueness and originality, it aims to provide high quality standards and develop new products that exceeds the expectations of its esteemed clients, in terms of taste, nutritional value and packaging presentation: for example it has developed nitrites-free products both in our conventional and organic lines and it is focusing its attention on packaging materials with a low environment impact.

In last year Golfera has decided to diversify its business, therefore it has opened a new branch in San Mauro Pascoli producing high quality ready meals and it has enriched its products range with vegetable-based products. Thanks to passion for good food and catering was born Benfatto, and artisan workshop in Romagna, starred Chef recipes and new technologies know-how generated a range of absolutely unique products preservative-free.

A company known on the market for its capacity to introduce new successful products respecting well-being, environment and quality.

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