GO Veggie! (fmr. Galaxy Nutritional Foods)

The Healthier Way to Love Cheese™. GO VEGGIE® Lactose Free and Dairy Free cheese allows everyone to revel in cheesy deliciousness, from adults with lactose intolerance and kids with allergies, to those living a healthy lifestyle. With 50 plus products in the US and Canada, there’s nothing standing in the way of cheese lovers and the cheesy bliss they deserve.

Galaxy Nutritional Foods was a pioneer in cheese alternatives 30 years ago. We were the first to create a low-fat, cholesterol-free and lactose-free cheese product. In 2012, we unified our commodity-branded products under the GO VEGGIE brand name.

People are turning to plant-based diets to help prevent health conditions—heart disease, hypertension, type II diabetes, etc.—even beyond allergens, as well as those following vegan or vegetarian diets on principle. GO VEGGIE caters to a variety of tastes, dietary restrictions and health goals with cheese-free products for people who love cheese.

For more information about our Lactose Free, Lactose & Soy Free and Dairy Free products available in slices, shreds, blocks, cream cheese and grated toppings, visit: http://goveggiefoods.com/products.

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