Fry Family Food

The Fry Family Food Co. was started by the Fry Family from their kitchen in Durban South Africa 30 years ago. They are a leading plant-based meat alternative brand, selling over 40 different plant-based meat alternatives. The brand is part of the LIVEKINDLY Collective, a global plant-based company that is working to make plant-base eating the new normal. Fry's is available in the United Kingdom, Australia, USA, Germany, Sweden, New Zealand, Thailand and throughout Africa.

Fry's offerings include chilled and frozen lines; including burgers, sausages, pastries and schnitzels - these products are all vegan, high in protein, high in fibre with no added MSG. The range satisfies a diverse consumer base with endorsements from the Vegan Society and The Vegetarian Society while being certified Kosher, Halal and Shuddha.

Our products are NON-GM and our raw materials are identity preserved from farm to manufacturing warehouse to ensure there is no cross contamination.

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