We are a D2C (Direct to Consumer) flexitarian frozen food tech on a mission to change the experience of everyday food, merging innovation and technology to give our customers the simplicity and balance they need.

We know that our consumers are increasingly aware of the impact that food has on their health and the environment. Accordingly, we strive to create delicious, quality, and nutritional food that solves the common question: what do we eat today? in a simple and accessible way.

We design quality food: continually innovating in the development of new products to be one step ahead. We have the most complete Meat Free Line in the Latin American market. We speak directly with our consumers through Big Data, allowing us to analyze their suggestions and build a co-creation process to improve our offers day by day.

We are a Digitally Native Vertical Brand (DNVB): we move at digital speed and yearn to bring Frizata to the largest cities in the world. We have over 70 thousand clients in Argentina, we recently disembarked in Santiago de Chile: the next step is Sao Paulo (Brazil) and San Francisco (USA).

Thanks to our business model without intermediaries, we can generate savings that we invest in production. Thus, our clients become protagonists of a profound change in the way of accessing higher quality food. They are the center of our daily work: we know that this change wouldn’t be possible without them.

Welcome to Frizata!
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