Forte Protein

Forte Protein uses the power of plant-based technology to produce animal proteins.

Forte Protein's mission is to offer a broad spectrum of animal proteins expressed rapidly, inexpensively, and sustainably from a plant-based technology. Our broader mission is to make proteins more accessible and affordable to help reduce protein deficiency in underserved and malnourished communities in the U.S. and around the globe.

 Our process is sustainable and scalable and circumvents the time & expense of microbial bioreactors. Our products include plant-based versions of lactoferrin, casein, albumen, collagen, and myosin. We will repurpose our waste as fertilizer and other products, and a portion of our profits will go toward programs that provide protein for malnourished communities.

Our product is:

Affordable. We utilize a plant expression system instead of microbial bioreactors to generate animal proteins and do not need the process of fermentation.

Faster. Our system can produce animal protein yields at high levels in plant tissue within a matter of a few days.

Better. We do not produce transgenic plants, rather, we introduce our expression system to regular, growing plants (in a greenhouse setting). The protein can be extracted from plants using conventional means and be purified or be retained in the plant product.

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