Ergo Bioscience

Ergo it is a biotech-based startup focused on the development of plant-based meat and plant-based dairy products with organoleptic properties indistinguishable from those of animal origin.
Food production by animal agriculture is an archaic, inefficient and environmentally unsustainable practice. It generates 15% of the emissions of gases that affect the greenhouse effect, it is one of the industrial practices with the highest water consumption, and additionally the WHO has expressed itself regarding the possible health problems of a diet with excessive food of origin animal.
Our proposal it is to develop products as exquisite as those of animal origin using plant-based ingredients in a process of 3 steps:
1- We identify the main proteins responsible for the taste and texture of meat and dairy products of animal origin.
2- We then insert the genetic sequences of these proteins into carrot cells and grow them in bioreactors.
3- We formulate the plant-based products using the extract of the carrot cells in a matrix of other plant-based ingredients.

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