Equinom is a computational breeding company that is revolutionizing the seed industry by introducing a new model of seed providers. We are creating a gene-bank where food developers can find ingredients that meet exact specification, provided these exist in nature.

Using our technology we create multi-trait products, previously unachievable and revive complex multi-gene traits that were lost in years of breeding. Our technology cuts time to market by half and offers breeding that is 10 times more precise than any other method. Watch our film to learn more about how we do this.

To date Equinom offers the food industry pea and cowpea varieties with 50% more protein per sq. m, with chickpea, mung bean lentil and fava in different stages of development, as well as sesame varieties with 45% more oil per sq.m that can be harvested mechanically.

Equinom's varieties come with nutritional values that are higher than the standard, and have improved functional properties in a range that is provided by mother nature (yes, we are strictly non-GMO)

Visit our website to learn more about our technology and products. www.equi-nom.com

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