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EPG addresses the market demand for healthier and delicious foods because EPG makes food betterIt cuts 92% of calories for each unit of fat replaced without sacrificing what makes food good in the first place. In fact, EPG dramatically improves the nutritional profile of food without any trade-offs—zip, zero, zilch. When used to replace a portion of traditional fat, it delivers all the flavor, juiciness, mouthfeel, lubricity and satiety consumers expect in their favorite foods and beverages.

Made by a revolutionary food technology, EPG is a modified plant-based oil. Now companies with a better-food agenda can build a competitive advantage, attract a new audience and grow share with the help of one simple fat alternative ingredient.

Because EPG is made from fat—unlike other fat substitutes that use sucrose and/or starches—you do not need to compensate with additional sugar or artificial sweeteners to maintain or improve the flavor. Proven safe and effective at lowering calories without compromises, EPG can be easily incorporated into your recipes as a 1-for-1 replacement of fat.

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