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We are the inventors of a global breakthrough in plant-based protein called LUPREME®. We work with some of the most ambitious people from around the world who turn the simple genius of LUPREME® into the finest and most diverse range of plant based foods within their own portfolio.

LUPREME® provides leading food manufacturers endless opportunities to develop an incredibly wide range of quality products, developed to their own requirements and at a price significantly lower than meat.

LUPREME’S® simplicity and versatility are unrivalled – utilising a single powerhouse seed to produce meat alternatives as diverse as user-ready products, clean-label blends or the plant-based protein in hybrid cell-based products.

We work with food manufacturing partners to define the best fit with their product range, future strategy and production processes. Most partners want to use the unique properties of LUPREME® to create a new product range of the best tasting, most nutritious plant-based meat and seafood replacement products on the planet.

Why are we doing this?

With the global demand for protein projected to double by 2050 it simply will not be possible to provide secure, sustainable, nutritious proteins from animals alone.

We all have a role to play; our part is to provide food producers with the opportunity to create ground-breaking premium plant-based products under their own trusted brands.

We do four things better than any other business in this space:

1. Enable you to produce the most versatile range of quality products with ground-breaking simplicity using our unique proprietary technology
2. Pricing that is significantly lower than meat
3. Derived from a plant that is highly sustainable and restorative to our soils
4. Provides exceptional nutrition from a single plant

And all of this from one core ingredient (whole food) not just another isolate.

Let's discuss how we can co-develop exceptional products for your consumers.

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