Divina Teresa

At Divina Teresa we like to see things differently. We know that the world's growing population needs a sustainable diet that is also healthy. This is why we take a different approach when it comes to protein production, choosing to use plant protein as a nutritious source of protein, which is a source of fiber. Our goal is to inspire people to eat healthy food with delicious and irresistible 100% plant-based recipes, packed with flavor and packed with new taste experiences from around the world. Our mission is to produce healthy proteins for a healthy planet without preservatives or dyes.

Every year we look at the turnover and put up a chart to show how many animal lives would be saved if someone had chosen a Divina Teresa Product over a meat product. In 2019, that number was 647,737 chickens, 11,354 cows, 10,055 pigs, and 3 million prawns.

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