De Wit Specialty Oils

Quality omega-3 and omega-6 specialty oils. 

De Wit Speciality Oils is a specialist in the production and supply of vegetable oils and marine oils rich in omega-3 and omega-6. We offer a wide range of speciality oils that can be used in the nutraceutical-, cosmetic-, food-, and animal feed industry.

Product: Our portfolio offers high-quality oils and proteins as an essential ingredient for various products. We work closely with our customers and always put a strong emphasis on innovation while following sustainable practices. Trends and developments are followed and we adapt our range accordingly. This gives our customers the reassurance of receiving only top quality products. We are also able to bring your product direct to market by offering private label solutions.

Production: By having our own production facility, New Holland Extraction, Ltd., we have the ability to closely monitor each step in the production process in order to ensure high quality, traceability and reliability. The oil is obtained either by cold pressing or by solvent extraction. Sustainability is an important element for us during the processing operation. We constantly innovate to ensure the latest sustainable technologies in order to produce superior oils.

De Wit Speciality Oils is a Dutch family firm involved in seed cultivation and oil production since 1978. Our mission is to provide high-quality oils to support the health and wellbeing of people and animals while following sustainable practices.

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