Royal Cosun is a modern, forward looking cooperative, born and bred in the Netherlands but active across the globe. We recognise the enormous potential of plants and know how to turn them into practical solutions to everyday problems. We produce not only plant based ingredients and foodstuffs for people and animals but also green, biobased applications and energy. Cosun has a clear ambition for 2030: we intend to be 100% plant based, 100% circular and 100% transparent.
Drawing on the strengths of our five business groups – Aviko, Duynie, Sensus, Suiker Unie and SVZ – we are delivering solutions that benefit everyone, every day. Our business groups offer a wide range of distinct products and services but are nonetheless closely related to each other thanks to our clear vision. You can find Cosun’s products everywhere today. Our product range extends from potato fries and sugar syrup to other foodstuffs, such as ingredients for cakes, ice cream, meat substitutes and fruit juices; it also includes animal feed, detergents, wallpaper paste and cosmetics. Visit for more information.

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