Coppa della Maga

When thinking about good ice cream, our minds immediately went to Italy and the memories of enjoying authentic gelato. With this in mind, when creating Coppa della Maga we started with an Italian recipe for home made ice cream. A traditional recipe used long before the invention of ice cream machines. We set about whisking our fresh milk, cream and butter (the longer, the better) and added in fruit, nuts, cocoa and sometimes citrus oils or other fragrant ingredients….and then something startled us – the sugar!

Every month, more and more research shows that sugar is the cause for a series of health problems. We found it outrageous that products claiming to be healthy or high quality have such a high content of sugar.

That is why, we decided no matter what, Coppa della Maga ice cream will be sugar free! Instead it will be sweetened with natural sweeteners.

Whilst the experts told us it isn’t possible as traditionally sugar is used to help give ice cream its smooth texture, with the memory of Italy in our minds, we set out to prove them wrong.

That is how our long journey began. After countless trials using traditional recipes, tasting of huge amounts of ice cream, talking to world experts in nutrition and food technologists (not just from Italy, but from around the world) today, we proudly present to you

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