Decarbonizing food production.

Our central mission is to make food people want to eat in a massively scalable and climate-friendly way.

Deliciousness comes from fats. Chances your favorite foods derive their deliciousness in large part from fat. Whether they’re making donuts fluffy, chocolate melt in your mouth, nuts and fruits healthy, or bacon crispy; fats are ubiquitous and vital to flavor, texture, and nutrition. But, we have a problem.

Our environmental emergency is exacerbated by the current way we source and manufacture our favorite foods. Part of the problem is we don’t want to give up the foods we love and have minimal adequate alternatives—either we eat the unsustainable foods we love, or we eat foods that are sustainable but unsatisfying. Using recent breakthroughs in biotechnology, we can change that. Circe is a food company founded on the belief that fats are magical, the future of food is fermentation, and that not only can delicious food be sustainable, it should be! Using proprietary technology invented by the founders at Harvard, Circe makes deliciousness sustainable by genetically engineering microbes to make fats from carbon dioxide.

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