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Our founders are Middle East natives. And as such, they’ve always been well-acquainted with a certain little legume: the chickpea. Growing up with chickpeas as a staple food, they admired the taste, versatility, and nutritiousness of these plant-based powerhouses.

And, as lovers of a good challenge, they wondered –– what if we could transform this incredible ingredient into smooth, nutritious non-dairy yogurt like nothing else that exists? What if we could create dairy-free deliciousness that’s unrecognizable from this center-plate protein, except for its amazing benefits for people and planet?

And from this idea sprang a mission: to create dairy-free options SO good that you can choose them for all the right reasons: amazing taste, creamy texture, joyful indulgence, and true nourishment. No sacrifice, no compromise.

Flash forward through years of R&D to present day: we couldn’t be more excited to have unlocked the secret creaminess of chickpeas to bring you the kind of dairy-free indulgence that inspired us in the first place. Our products have the taste and texture you crave, protein and probiotics to nourish you, and a sustainability story worth telling.

At CHKP Foods, we offer our customers foods that nourish on every level: body, mind, and soul.

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