ChickP is a foodTech start-up that pioneered a novel solution to the growing demands for plant-based protein. The company produces and markets a highly functional chickpea protein isolate boasting a uniquely concentrated protein load (above 90%). Offering a vegetable-based, non-allergenic protein isolate for infusion into a versatile array of food applications, it has a neutral flavor thanks to breakthrough, IP-protected technology, setting a new standard of pure protein solutions.

The high solubility and smooth viscosity of the unique isolate form enables ChickP proteins to be integrated into virtually any matrix and is especially well-suited for meat and dairy analogs. It provides a powerful protein boost to beverages, pastries, snacks and more. Food companies integrating ChickP protein into their products benefit from shorter, cleaner labels, as its neutral flavor eliminates the need for masking agents and additives.

Pediatric gastroenterologist Ram Reifen, MD, founded ChickP in 2016, driven by a desire to create a high-value, plant-sourced protein. Reifen’s goal was to help alleviate malnutrition while concurrently benefitting consumers and food manufactures with a convenient implementation platform. The chickpea team is comprised of world-renowned foodTech biotech and nutrition experts who invested years of research at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In a joint effort they developed the patented technology for extracting maximum protein with unsurpassed functional, nutritional, and organoleptic qualities.
ChickP’s line of innovative GMO-free chickpea isolates includes purified native starch fractions. This portfolio ardently exploits all extractable chickpea elements. It reduces food waste and maintains a sustainable, clean ingredient produced entirely according to environmental and ethical values.

Having secured seed funding from Genisys Capital and Growthwell Group, ChickP welcomes strategic partnerships and genuine opportunities to expand activities.

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