Cheese the Queen

Cheese the Queen is not simply a dairy-free delicacy. It’s a plethora of sensory delight, an expression of your intricate taste buds, it’s a way of life!
Our products are delicious expressions of unique artisanal fermented 100%-cashew infused gourmet while inspiring a healthier, conscious lifestyle. We guarantee you’ve never had quite the plant-based experience that we provide. Our products ignite your taste buds and give you a healthy experience like you’ve never experienced before.
Our factory is as dope as our high-protein delicacies, with authentic production methods and hand- made perfection. We even test all of our products in our laboratory to make sure everything is naturally matured and fully loaded with live cultures.
Unlike humans, the more our products age, the stronger, healthier, and tastier they get. So, you can just call it “The Immortal Queen of Superfood” or “Super Cheeeze.”

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