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Celltainer Biotech BV

A life science equipment company that focuses on single-use systems for microbial and cell culture. Celltainer Biotech designs and developes multi-purpose, single-use bioreactors, suitable for microbial fermentation as well as for fragile cells. The CELL-tainer® makes use of a unique patented 2-dimensional movement principle that ensures high mass transfer at optimal agitation. This technology, combined with a unique bag design, results in high-performance bioprocessing with improved productivity for a wide range of applications.

We are committed to developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative solutions for single-use microbial and cell culture platforms. The company is currently developing unique tools, using patented technology, for scalable, perfused cell culture.

A patented expansion system, enables starting volumes at 150 mL in a 20L bag, ensuring a full expansion process in container. This results in lower costs through less handling and reduction of contamination risk. The company’s bioreactors are available from 2L to several hundred litres in volume.

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